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Multifunction Airfryer Oven RD1700 17L Max 12 Inch Pizza

Multifunction Airfryer Oven RD1700 17L Max 12 Inch Pizza

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Product Model RD1700
Voltage 220-240V~50/60Hz
Power 1600W
Product Capacity 17L
Cooking Weight 1.8Kg
Cookable Pizza Size 12-inch
Bakeable Toast Quantity 9pcs
Product Size 501.4*375*207.5mm
Color Box Size 550*425*330mm
Product Net Weight 9.50Kg
MOQ 1000
Certification ETL, FCC, FDA, CB, SAA



.Form upgrade: On the basis of the traditional air fryer oven, it is changed to a flat design, which is more suitable for overseas customers to bake pizza, toast and other ingredients.

.Control method upgrade: The traditional air fryer oven in the American market is mainly controlled by mechanical knobs. This product upgrades the control method to a combination of buttons and knobs, an intelligent control program.

.Patented product: This product has applied for a total of 8 patents in the United States, China, utility model patents and appearance patents.

.Product Highlights - Function Upgrade: The product has 6 heating pipes up and down the inner cavity, and a side hot air circulation system, which can complete all the functions of a traditional air fryer oven, and has a very good product experience in pizza and toast functions. After the upper cover is opened, the upper tube works independently and can be used as a frying pan, grilling steak, frying fish, etc.

.Equipped with a variety of accessories: There are various accessories, which can be suitable for cooking with different ingredients. Grill, air fryer, crumb pan, enamel pan, frying pan.

.Can bake 12" pizza, up to 9 pieces of toast, 12 chicken wings, 400 g of French fries, etc.

.9-in-1 Multifunction Oven: Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Bake, Dried Fruit, Keep Warm, Toast, Bagel, Grill

.The specific functions can be customized according to the needs of different customers in different markets.

.Intelligent control system, precise control of temperature, heating program and hot air flow.

.Innovative magnetic top cover closure structure.

.Easy to clean: After opening the top cover, the inner cavity is very easy to clean. The body can be easily turned over to clean the inner cavity, surrounding and surface. The accessories such as baking tray and crumb tray are detachable, and the inner cavity is easy to clean


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